Brew City Church Ministries are places where we serve and develop in relationship with Jesus and one another.  Interested in learning more or joining a ministry?  We'd love to hear from you.  

Kid's Church

Sunday morning during the sermon is a time for our children to play, make new friends, grow and discover just how much God loves them.  Infant and toddler care is available both services every Sunday.  

Student Ministry

Who is God?  Who am I?  At Brew City Student Ministry we’ve created a space for our youth to dive into the heart of God and ask the questions they’re wrestling with in a safe and fun environment.

Home Church

The Church isn’t a building or an event…it’s a people.  It’s us.  Home Church is where we get to be the church together.  Home Church is the place where we grow in discipleship, engage in the Scriptures together, share meals sometimes and become Kingdom family on God’s mission together.  

Brew U

An essential component of our discipleship is growing in our knowledge of God, His Kingdom and the Scriptures.  BrewU is designed to do just that – help us grow in our knowledge of God so we can grow in our worship of God.  

Women's Ministry

Women walking with other women while following Jesus is an integral part of our discipleship and growth for women of the Kingdom.  Brew City Moms and The Sisterhood are places for women to grow in friendship and spirit with one another.

Men's Ministry

Men walking with other men while following Jesus is an integral part of our discipleship and growth men of the Kingdom.  Men's Breakfast and special events are places for us to do just that.

24/7 Prayer

We believe that if we want God to work mightily in our lives, our church, our neighborhoods and our city, we must begin in prayer.  That’s why we maintain a regular rhythm of 24/7 Prayer, inspired by our friends and extended spiritual family at 24/7 Prayer International. 

Local Outreach

Brew City Church supports and serves our city in a number of ways.  We love joining in the Father’s work to bring peace, reconciliation, hope and new life to the city of Milwaukee.

Global Outreach

We are proud to partner with a beautiful church family in Salta, Argentina called Villa Soledad.  As we grow in relationship and partnership with one another, our understanding and love of who God is and how He works in the world grows.