This Fall BrewU will feature two series:

Our Women in the Church series will run every Saturday from September 15th through October 27th. We will discuss the basis for the full equality of roles for women in the church family, as well as the influences of feminism on the church. We will then be highlighting some amazing female leaders in church history and wrapping things up with a round table discussion/Q&A.

Our Revelation for Dummies series will run November 3rd and 10th. We are dovetailing the Sunday series on the same topic, intended to go a little deeper than preaching allows. We will overview the book and the major interpretive perspectives, explaining why the "left behind" mentality is a bit off the mark. We will highlight the major themes and images of the book as well as how to read its literary genre. We will examine the setting of the (probable) author and the original audience to understand why the book was written and how it can give us hope and inspiration today. 

All our BrewU's this fall will be from 9:30 to 11:30 AM at Brew City Church. 

Note: We will not be offering childcare this fall. 

To receive updates about BrewU connect with Matt Brown.    

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October 6, 2018: Janan Dargiewicz, The Trinatarian Philosopher: Marcrina the Younger

September 29, 2018: Kyle Whitaker, Feminism: Its influence on the Church

September 22, 2018:  Jason Busniewski, Dorothy Day: Political Activist

September 15, 2018: Matt Brown, Egalitarianism: Why Women Have Equality in Christ